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Aims, Ethos and Vision

Our School’s Commitment

The School Governors aims for the school are:

  • To promote the spiritual, cultural, mental and physical development of the children in school and in society.

  • To prepare pupils for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

At Annfield Plain Infant School we aim:

  • To develop a caring community in which concern and respect for others is fostered and the importance of good will, sensitivity and tolerance in interpersonal relationships is exemplified.

  • To recognise the needs and talents of each pupil and to facilitate the development of creative, intellectual, moral, physical and social capacity.

  • To ensure that the curriculum incorporates legislative requirements and is appropriate, flexible and relevant to each pupil.

  • To monitor in a systematic manner the progress of each individual and the work of the school.

  • To foster an awareness of social responsibility to the school and the local community and society at large, encouraging each individual to accept responsibilities and develop self awareness and discipline.

  • To provide a caring, disciplined and supportive environment for each pupil and prepare each pupil for life beyond the school.

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