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School Office

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Our School Office Staff are here to help you, however here are a few items that may be useful, for further enquiries please contact the school office between the hours of 8.00am and 4.30pm.

Our School Day

Here is a breakdown of our school day:

At Annfield Infant School we are keen to encourage punctuality.

The school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm. The lunch break starts at 12.00pm for Reception children and runs through until 1.15pm.

During the school day there are two “playtime” breaks, morning break – 11.00am – 11.15am and afternoon break which is flexible.


We hope all parents understand that lateness affects your child’s education and disrupts that of the other children in your child’s class. We expect all children to be on time. Children who frequently come to school late will receive a letter asking parents to address the matter immediately. We look forward to your support in this matter and in helping to maintain high standards and expectations in our school.


At Annfield Plain Infant School we try to ensure good attendance.  If your child is unable to attend school for some reason then you should inform us on the first day of absence no later than 9.15am. You can notify us by telephone on (01207) 234691, by email or in person.


If your child needs to be absent from school for a medical appointment, please inform the school office in advance and provide evidence of this appointment. This may be an appointment letter or card.

In case of accident or illness at school we will try to contact you, but in the meantime members of staff will take any necessary emergency action. Telephone numbers and contact addresses will need to be listed on your child’s inventory form which will be completed at a pre-school visit. Please can parents keep the school updated on any changes in contact details.


Downloadable Forms/Brochures

Here is a selection of our School Forms and Brochures which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the links below.

Packed Lunch Leaflet
Top Tips Leaflet
GDPR Child’s Data Booklet
GDPR Parents Data Booklet

Parent Letters 2023-2024

Parent Letters 2022-2023

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