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We are delighted to now offer our own Nursery provision. Our Nursery has recently opened in September and is already proven to be a loving and enriched environment for all children.


We are currently accepting places for both 15 and 30 hours. Please contact the School office for more information 01207 234691.

15 hours

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri. 

8.45 am start 11.45 am pick up

30 hours

Mon, Tues, Wed and Thursday

8.45 am start 3.15 pm pick up


8.45 am start 12.45 pm pick up

Nursery Class Teacher – Mrs S McGoay

Nursery Teaching Assistant - Miss J Curry

Hello, I’m Mrs McGoay, the Nursery teacher at our amazing infant school. I love teaching, as it is exciting and rewarding everyday. I believe every child is unique and deserves a caring and engaging atmosphere in which they can learn.  Children are always eager to experience new things. Each day I see their incredible enthusiasm, creativity and learning ability. It is a privilege to share with our parents the learning journey of their children. Together, we can help our children become life long learners. In my spare time I enjoy reading, going to the cinema, and listening to music. I also volunteer with my local Brownie unit.

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