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Meet the Team

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Kane (Head Teacher)

  • Mr Urwin (Deputy Head Teacher & Class Teacher)

  • Mrs McGoay (Class Teacher)

  • Mrs Clayson (Class Teacher & SENDCo)

  • Miss Burbidge (Class Teacher) 

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Martin (Enhanced Teaching Assistant)

  • Mrs Waters (Enhanced Teaching Assistant)

  • Miss Curry (Enhanced Teaching Assistant)

  • Mrs Gristwood (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Support Staff

  • Mrs Wright (School Administrator)

  • Mrs Northey (Site Supervisor & Lunchtime Supervisor)

  • Miss Spencer (School Cleaner & Lunchtime Supervisor)

  • Miss Blair (Lunchtime Supervisor)

  • Miss Guthrie (Lunchtime Supervisor)

  • Mrs Mallows (Breakfast Club Supervisor & Lunchtime Supervisor)

  • Mrs McGurk (Cook & Wraparound Care Supervisor)

  • Ms Anderson ( Kitchen Assistant & Wraparound Care Supervisor)

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