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School Council

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UNCRC – Article 12 – I have the right to say what I think should happen and be listened to.


To make sure that our school is a safe and happy place for children.
To make sure that children have a place to voice their concerns.
To encourage all children in school to suggest improvements.
To make sure that any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon.

We will do this by:
Talking to our class to gain their ideas and suggestions.
Making sure that everyone’s views and opinions are valued.
Have regular meetings to share our ideas.

Every year we vote for children to become the new members of our School Council. The children nominate themselves to become a member of the School Council and then their class vote democratically for  children to represent them.


This year our School Council members are: Year 2: Lacey, Macey  & Leo E, Year 1: Caleb, Louis & Katie, Reception: Charlie & Iona

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